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to an incredibly brilliant man, my father. 06/16/1947 to 10/07/2014. 


'you were born with potential. you were born with goodness and trust. you were born with ideals and dreams.

you were born with greatness. you were born with wings. you are not meant for crawling, so don't.

you have wings. learn to use them and fly.'



october is breast cancer awareness month. a disease that hits home hard for me having lost my mom six years ago. she was only 54. while most of us are aware of breast cancer, many of us don't have an early detection plan and often forget to do self-exams and when age-appropriate, mammograms. when detected early, the 5-year survival is nearly 98%. so set up reminders for yourself and the special women in your life. you can also go to to create a plan and get monthly reminders (also available in apple or android stores for free)

14k rose gold and pink sapphire rings by julez bryant


fall in love...with our newest designer addition, tura sugden. we found this amazing young talent by chance and her collection is nothing short of incredible. a student of sculpture, this san francisco based designer has incorporated architecture-inspired settings with unusual color diamonds and gemstones.